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Issue 11/July 2015

We thank very much LtCol CSLI Sven Tratschitt for this issue!


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The LAZARUS UNION – CSLI is neutral towards all “Lazarus Groups” or “Orders of Saint Lazarus” and is equally close or distant to all of them (depending on your point of view). Any other representation or description, links or other „usurpation” are therefore undesirable, obsolete, inaccurate and counterproductive for our self-declared neutrality.

….and first of all, the following information should not be held back:


The Lazarus Union is neither a “self-styled” order, nor a member of any order, something it clearly and publicly states in its official (by law and approved by the authorities) statutes.

The Lazarus Union is a non-profit association.

The Lazarus Union is fully registered and recognized in the public official register according to Austrian laws.

The Lazarus Union is legally obligated to hold an annual general assembly.

The Lazarus Union must officially publish its management, visible for everybody.

The Lazarus Union is non-political and nondenominational.

The Lazarus Union is required by law to have its finances checked annually by two auditors.

The Lazarus Union is a registered UN-NGO organisation with special consultative Status with ECOSOC.

The Lazarus Union every year publishes the minutes of its general assembly.

The Lazarus Union every year publishes ist audit report and submits it to the UN.

The Lazarus Union does not pay any reimbursement to any member as stated in the statutes.

The Lazarus Union has to prove its legal and financial status to the United Nations.

The Lazarus Union spends less than 2% of the total budget for “administrative” costs for years already.

The Lazarus Union elects its management during the general assembly in democratic way.

The Lazarus Union does not differ between “the president“ and a “common“ member.

The Lazarus Union has the rule that all members have the same rights and duties.

The Lazarus Union does not collect membership or application fees, any donations are voluntary.

The Lazarus Union is an open organisation with no “hidden” issues or secrets.


These documents (see LINK ) any serious organisation should be able to present to all interested parties without any problems at any time, no matter what. At any rate all these documents should fully and unambiguously bear the full name the organisation is using publicly.

If this information is missing: exercise extreme caution!

It is obvious to us that not all “Lazarus Groups” and “Lazarus Orders” are happy with the openness and transparency of the Lazarus Union. But in our times, if you consider joining one of the various “Lazarus Orders” or “Lazarus Orders”, check for your own safety and security very carefully all these things before you sign any paper of membership or other commitment. If you refrain from doing so, it may cost you a lot of money for nothing. Some of these organisations do not even have a clear legal status or are no legal personality and can therefore not be prosecuted easily. The Lazarus Union is anxious to make sure that the name “Lazarus” is not misused for any form of deceptive business practices

If you have any questions which are not answered on our homepage, do not hesitate to ask us whatever you like to know.

Now have a pleasant stay on our website!

The web team of the Lazarus Union



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Overview of the LAZARUS UNION

(March 2015)

(now 32 pages)


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The LAZARUS UNION has roots dating back to 1973 and developed (with a few detours) into today‘s form in 2010. With currently more than 18.000 members in more than 80 countries on all continents the LAZARUS UNION is at the moment the largest of all “Lazarus-Formations“ worldwide.

The LAZARUS UNION is also with the United Nations as an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) in “Special Consultant and Observer Status” with the United Nations (ECOSOC).

According to its possibilities the LAZARUS UNION is a world-wide operating charity organisation supporting all who are in need of help, friendship, comfort, or care.

The LAZARUS UNION is open for all people who are able to identify themselves with the mission statement of the LAZARUS UNION and does NEVER ask for the denomination of its members.

The LAZARUS UNION considers and respects this right of freedom of religion as the sole and personal moral issue of every singe member. After all, most religions of the world are represented in the LAZARUS UNION.

The LAZARUS UNION vigorously resists any and all “assimilation“ attempts from certain religions and their representatives and stresses the full neutrality of the LAZARUS UNION against all religious communities.

The LAZARUS UNION never puts any form of pressure on its members and leaves participation in religious activities solely in the conscience of the single member.

The LAZARUS UNION is therefore NEITHER a religious NOR a secular order and as such neither indebted to ANY particular religious group or organization nor does it allow itself to be taken in by any religious group.

This self-portrayal is valid for the complete LAZARUS UNION as well as for the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour as a knightly association!

The Executive Board of Management

Vienna, April 2015



Dear homepage visitor!

Dear comrades and supporters!


In January 2012 we presented our new homepage on the web and so created an excellent and efficient source of information (at least we think it is) for more than 17.000 members (actual July 2014), friends, and sympathisers worldwide. More than 600.000 hits in 2012 and more than 700.000 in the year 2013 bear testimony to this.

Besides general information on the LAZARUS UNION (goals, organisation, uniforms, awards, shop…) we strive to provide quick information on actual and planned events.

Since January 2012 all articles and information pages are available in German and English (the official communication language of the LAZARUS UNION). Older articles and reports are (unfortunately) still available in German only.

We would very much appreciate your suggestions and comments as only this can prevent us from becoming potentially routine-blinded. As it has due to the sheer size and structure of the full-size LAZARUS UNION become impossible to interact with all members, commanders, and partner groups always directly we kindly ask you to direct any questions or requests only to


and we reassure you that every e-mail will be forwarded to the responsible contact and in general will also be answered respectively the sender will be contacted within 48 hours. We all in the LAZARUS UNION do (unpaid) voluntary work and as such have only a limited amount of time available to work on these voluntary tasks. In 2012 we received 28.376 e-mails and wrote 17.597 answers. In 2013 we received 30.189 e-mails and wrote 19.871 answers!

We hope that our website gives you pleasure in 2014 and that yopu enjoy your visit!


The webmaster team of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI


To make sure you do not have to search too hard all links pointing to new reports can be found under the GERMAN entry NEWS on this page. For English translation use the “language button”.




Within the framework of events of the LAZARUS UNION-CSLI video recordings and / or photos can be made. By participating in these events, the participants are agreed with the publication of these recordings.

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