Spiritual Officers


In the course of the foundation of the LAZARUS UNION and the restructuring of the CSLI going together with this all spiritual officers will from 1. October 2010 onwards be a part of their respective national command. The LAZARUS UNION on purpose gives up any „spiritual general protector“.

The CSLI in the future refrains from personally naming its spiritual officers on its official website. The local CSLI organisations know their chaplains and for outsiders this is of no significant relevance. We hope that they still will accompany us on our way and continue to be spiritual comrades to the LAZARUS UNION.

The CSLI in its large diversity has Catholic, Old-catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, many other Christian, and also atheistic members. The presentation of spiritual officers on the website could hurt the religious feelings  of members probably not (yet) being represented by clergy of their faith.

Therefore it was decided to take care of this situation by not publishing any spiritual officers on the CSLI website. One of the principles of the CSLI is neutrality and this shall also be executed with religious matters. Another sign of this neutrality is that the CSLI has always refrained to ask on its membership application form details about the religious beliefs of the applicant.

We as CSLI will not succeed in that all religions get along with each other but it is considered a LARGE success if all CSLI members regardless of which religious belief they adhere to always act in the spirit of ST. Lazarus and promote TOLERANCE, HUMILITY, MERCY and CHARITY.

There will be the day when intolerance, quarrel, and discord will be over. We strongly believe in this. We as CSLI members try to put in our small contribution to make this happen.


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