Annual Report 2012


(Union Corps Saint Lazarus International)


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Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt

President and Union Commander in Chief


Vienna, December 2012


Dear Comrades!

Dear Friends, Patrons, and Sponsors!


2012 went by quickly indeed, and once more it was a most eventful year!

I would like to take the forthcoming Christmas time and the turn of the year as an occasion to personally and most cordially thank all those who participated in making the year 2012 the most successful year of the Lazarus Union since it was founded.

Not only has the number of members and friends risen to more than 14,000 but finally we have received all the international acknowledgement and appreciation we have been working for so hard.

Sine the begin of 2012 we are a counterpart of the United Grand Priories, independent and autonomous, but nevertheless embedded in the world-spanning organisation of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and as such a (substantial) part of this organisation. According to the statutes the acting Supreme Grand Prior of the order is automatically the Grand Protector of the Lazarus Union and its “elite force,“ the “Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour.“

Although the Lazarus Union by its basic structure is an umbrella organisation overseeing more than 60 national organisations, prefectures, delegations, and member associations, we can look back to a series of own events in 2012.

I want to list only a few of those here (representative of more than 80 participations in various events):

– the 6th CSLI Handicapped Air Day

– 1st CSLI Handicapped Sailing Cruise

– the 1st concert of the Big Band of the Lazarus Union

– the 3rd and 4th investiture of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour

– a visit to the 1st Lazarus Symposium in Malta with more than 800 participants

– delegations and members of the board visiting Canada, England, Malta, Germany, Italy, and Croatia.

Most notable is the fact that all these trips have only been funded privately by the participants themselves, with absolutely no money coming from the Lazarus Union. Also there are no remunerations of board members or other members. With only a bare 2% of administrative costs (more than 98% go directly into our projects) we top all organisations with comparable size and number of members.

I do not want to left unmentioned our new web page which has been installed with great commitment as a communication platform. It is accepted very well as indicated by the more than 50,000 hits per month. For all those with no internet access we have founded the “Lazarus Magazine“ as a periodical currently with two issues per year in German and English.

To all members, friends, and sponsors once more a cordial “Thank You“ for making this possible. Everybody can do something. Let us create perspectives together!

All these permanent efforts and the visible success connected to it have silenced most of our critics (which we naturally do have and we very well have to live with that fact) and we can also consider this a joint success.

But we will not let our efforts wane and proffer our hands to all who want to join us on our way for a distance in accordance with the spirit of St Lazarus. So for 2013 we have planned already the 7th CSLI Handicapped Air Day, one or two concerts of our Big Band of the Lazarus Union, two ceremonial investitures, and several visits (Brazil, Scotland, Spain, Malta, Italy, Germany etc.). We hope to continue with our successful way. For  June 2014 we have already started planning our big “International Friendship Festival of the Lazarus Union“ inVienna.

With this in mind I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year 2013.


Wolfgang Steinhardt

President and Union Commander in Chief


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