Structure and Chaine of Command

Organigramm LU 2016 620


The organization structure of the CSLI


This structure shows only the “main structure” but not the “essential structure”!


The only important and “essential structure of the CSLI” is the individual member!

Success or failure of the CSLI is determined by each individual member itself. It’s the decision whether the members follow the ideological principles of CSLI or not.

Therefore, the CSLI is growing “up from the base” and not “top down”.

If, therefore, individual members team up in their immediate area to launch an individual project this is the CSLI in its true sense. This smallest CSLI unit is called the “team”. The team members elect their commander (Team Leader) among the team members and they also elect a dpt. Commander. These two serve as representatives, furthermore as a contact, and have to be reported to the Federal Commander. These “teams” can and should be formed everywhere and meet regularly; furthermore they should find like-minded people who want to work in accordance with the principles of the CSLI.

Several such teams which are located in a regional contiguous territory chose a District Commander and his/her deputy among their members, who have to be reported to the Federal Commander. The District Commander and his/her deputy are the direct and responsible contact persons for the higher command levels.

Several “District Commands” will form a “National Command”. Again the Team Commanders and District Commanders elect their own National Commander and his/her deputy. As a link to the Federal Command an “executive officer” will be appointed, who will lead the National Command together in cooperation with the National Commander and his/her deputy. All decisions are made according to democratic principles!

The “Command III / 3″ of Group III “Operational commands” and its management serve as a drop-in centre and point of contact for each National Commander.

Depending on the size of the individual Team, District and National Commands, the Federal Commander of the CSLI will award the corresponding ranks. As a sign of confidence, however, any elected or appointed commander is entitled to award to the members of his staff ranks up to one rank below his/her own rank. This decision will be confirmed by the Union Commander in Chief  of the CSLI in the form of a promotional decree.

Due to the LAZARUS UNION do not want an “inflation” of ranks, here is the “guideline” for:

Function Highest rank
Indvidual members 1st Sergeant
Active “solo fighters” 2nd Lieutenant
Team Commanders 1st Leuenant
District Comanders Major, but usual Captain
Area Commanders Lieutenant Colnel
Commanders of small countries

(Commanding Officer – CO):

Commanders of big countries

(Commander in Chief – CIC)

Major General, but usual Briadier Geneal
Group Commanders, Contient Commanders Lieutenant General

CSLI-rank structure  as per 1.7.2015

Actual Category Remarks Goal
 0,23% General Officers Incl. Executive Officers 0,5%
 4,65% Staff Officers Incl. Staff Pilots 5,0%
 9,85% Officers Incl. Pilots 12,5%
 15,02% Non Commissioned Officers 17%
70,70% Rank & Files 65%
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