CSLI Mission Cross

NEW Mission Cross of the CSLI



This awards are for all done CSLI missions around the world, starting at 1. January 2013 and are for CSLI members and CSLI helpers (=non CSLI members) from outside too!

To make work within the framework more attractive to CSLI active members and also helpers from outside for CSLI (but also for other missions outside the CSLI in certain cases) activities, the executive committee has founded the CSLI Mission Cross in six levels (bronze, silver, gold). As the potential of the CSLI is not limited on or restricted to disaster operations, one mission period is set to ten hours of work. (For example the Mission Cross 1st class requires a total of 150 hours of work to be done. One Mission = 10 hours work for the CSLI)

To acquire one of the Mission Crosses, the following number of missions has to be completed:

  • Mission Cross: 5 Missions
  • Mission Cross 1st class: 15 Missions
  • Officer Mission Cross in Gold: 30 Missions
  • Commander Mission Cross in Bronze: 50 Missions
  • Grand Commander Mission Cross: 75 Missions
  • Grand Cross of the Mission Cross: 100 Missions

Every active member of the CSLI and also non CSLI members from outside have the right to submit an application for himself to obtain the Mission Cross. Application forms can be found in the download area. On this form, the duration and type of services has to be listed according to the submitter’s records and has to be signed by the respective leader. The ceremony takes place by the Chairman of the CSLI and via written decree.

In order to avoid additional costs for the CSLI and to preserve membership fees or donations for running projects, we are sorry about, but we have to ask for insignia fees. We try to have the insignia fees as low as possible.

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