CSLI Medal of Humanity


The founders of the CSLI endowed the CSLI Medal of Humanity on the occasion of the founding of the CSLI in three classes.  This award has been renewed 2015 in two classes with a new design.


Humanitätsmedaille-PREISE[1] ENG


The 40mm broad, red and blue split ribbon holds four golden stripes of 2mm breadth each as a symbol of the principles of the CSLI: tolerance, humbleness, mercy and grace of charity. The red part of the ribbon symbolizes the “battle” to live and act according to the principles of the CSLI, the blue part stands for the sky, awaiting you as a reward for your humanitarian deeds.

This medal shall be awarded to persons who have acquired particular merits in humanitarian work and duty. In case of the Special Class of the CSLI Medal of Humanity the merits should not only be outstanding but also be acquired over a longer period of time, possibly in a leading position.

Fees (in EURO) for te insignias: 

The fees (To be payed by the applicant. The applicant and the awarded person may NOT be identical ! ) are shown in the picture above. Within Austria, the shipping (registered) is for free. Shipping within Europe costs plus EUR 6,- or plus EUR 15,- for shipping overseas.


Pictures from the original awards:

Humanitätsmedaille neu 250 Goldene Humanitätsmedaille neu 250


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