Flame of Mercy

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By Sven Tratschitt


Everyone knows it: Millions of people suffer from hunger!

They cannot work because they have nothing to eat. They are sick because they have nothing to eat. They die young because they have nothing to eat.

All over the world there are people that are in need of help. War, poverty, displacement, unstable political conditions or natural disasters strike millions of innocent people every year.

So what should we do, we people with well-laid tables in our warm clothes and our own soft beds?

We can’t just talk about it or blame others. No, we must learn to share again, because only then we can work together to create new prospects again!

If each member of the Lazarus Union gave a thread, the Naked could receive a shirt. We should remind ourselves again and again that no act of mercy, down even to the smallest, is in vain.

To help keep this in mind, I have made available the “Flame of Mercy” which I made during my rehabilitation. Whenever you look on this flame you will remember that charity starts at home, but should not end there!


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