Peace Medal and Peace Cross

Medal of Peace


Cross of Peace


On the occasion of the first annual recurrence of the Lazarus Union receiving “Special Consultative Status“ from the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 1. May 2014, the Lazarus Union president, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, donates a visual recognition for all persons and institutions actively campaigning for piece in the world, but also in daily life and have acquired merits to the LAZARUS UNION.

The awarding of this distinction is solely under the responsibility of the president of the Lazarus Union, who also defrays all costs. Therefore this distinction will in principle be awarded WITHOUT any insignia fees or other costs for the honored. Of course it would be considered nice and noble if the honoured donates a sum to the Lazarus Union for its peace projects. But this is purely VOLUNTARILY!

Presentation of the award will be in the course of a solemn setting, either during Lazarus union celebrations or those of friendly organisations. From personal handover will be refrained only in severe exceptional cases. There is no legal claim on the awarding of this distinction. Also this distinction cannot be applied for. It is awarded purely upon personal assessment and cannot be bought!


There are several levels of this distinction:

Medal of Peace

Golden Medal of Peace

Cross of Peace

Cross of Peace with Silver Star

Cross of Peace with Golden Star

Cross of Peace with Diamond Star

Cross of Peace Special Level


Pictures of the original insignias:


Insignia Ribbon Miniature

Friedensmedaille 250

Medal of Peace

 Friedensmedaille Ribbon  Miniatur Goldene Friedensmedaille

Goldene Friedensmedaille 250

Golden Medal of Peace

 Friedensmedaille Gold Ribbon  Miniatur Friedensmedaille

Friedenskreuz der Lazarus Union 250

Cross of Peace

 Friedenskreuz Ribbon  Miniatur Friedenskreuz NEU 100

Friedenskreuz der Lazarus Union mit Silberstern 250

Cross of Peace with Silver Star

 Friedenskreuz mit Silberstern Ribbon  Miniatur Friedenskreuz mit Silbersternstern NEU 100

Friedenskreuz der Lazarus Union mit Goldstern 250

Cross of Peace with Gold Star

 Friedenskreuz mit Goldrstern Ribbon Miniatur Friedenskreuz mit Goldstern NEU 100

Diamond Peace Star SILVER 250

Cross of Peace with Diamond Star

 Friedenskreuz mit Diamantstern Ribbon Miniatur Friedenskreuz mit Diamantstern NEU 100

Diamond Peace Star GOLD 250

Cross of Peace Special Level

 Friedenskreuz Sonderstufe Ribbon  Miniatur Friedenskreuz Sonderstufe NEU 100



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