Minnesang und Panzerklang



(“Medieval Courtly Songs and Tank Sounds”)

A book reading on 23 October 2012 in

The Museum of Military History HGM Vienna






At the invitation of the Museum of Military History, our Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Lazarus Union, Colonel (Retd.) Adolf H. Neidhart, gave a reading from his recently-published book


Neidhart, 45 years a professional soldier in the Tank Corps, took some time to find a publisher for his book “MINNESANG und PANZERKLANG” (Medieval Courtly Songs and Tank Sounds). Written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his year’s passing out at the Military Academy Wiener Neustadt in l961, it is a collection of anecdotes about his varied experiences during military service.

His stories prompted many smiles from the numerous visitors, including Ex-Defense Minister Dr.Krünes and Lieutenant-General Christian Segur-Cabanac.

He described his first meeting with our President, Senator Steinhardt, and their first joint helicopter flight over the military training area in Stockerau – supervision from the air. Comically, at his wedding reception many of the guests quickly left – the invasion ofCzechoslovakiaby Warsaw Pact troops meant officers had to return to their barracks.

Here are a few delightful excerpts (in German):

complement the anecdotes there are some fascinating pictures and caricatures.

Colonel Neidhart’s final words were a commitment to the Austrian Army: “I was always glad to be a professional soldier”, he said. He also emphasized the importance of being responsible as an officer for the men entrusted to him – to treat them with respect and take good care of them, “Over the years we had the opportunity to convince 100,000 youngsters to become better men.”



Colonel Neidhart has reserved some copies of his book for the Lazarus Union. For a donation of EUR 10.- (plus EUR 5.- postage withinAustriaor EUR 10.- withinEurope) a copy can be sent to you (with a personal dedication, if desired).




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