Florianimesse der FF Spillern 2013

St. Florian’s Day Mass with the

Volunteer Fire Brigade, Spillern

5 May 2013




A report by Erich Kadlec

Pictures by  Hannes Hochmuth – Press Photographer


At the invitation of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, Spillern, a delegation of the Lazarus Union attended their St. Florian’s Day Mass on 5 May 2013. Saint Florian is the Patron Saint of fire fighters, and “In God’s honour, our neighbour to defend” was the slogan of the day.

We met, on time as always, and in good time for a coffee at the fire station. Then we marched together to the church, a modern building from the 1960s and a church to which I will certainly come again.

The Mass was celebrated by Rev. KR Msgr. Francis Forsthuber, in a dignified style that suited the church. In his sermon he gave thanks for the firemen’s vital service to the community and asked for the blessing of St. Florian. He also talked about dealing with the problems that can arise in any organization.

After Holy Mass our President, Senator hc Wolfgang Steinhardt, spoke to present the Lazarus Union after which he took the opportunity to honour some of the Spillern fire fighters.

Awards were: the CSLI Mission Cross in Bronze to BI Karl Konrad, OFM Markus Lenz and Josef Steiner FM, and in Gold to EOBI Ferdinand Mayer. (Since business prevented the first three mentioned attending, their awards were accepted by BR Adolf Huber.)

The Spillern Volunteer Fire Brigade participated in our Disabled Flight Day in 2012. They provided two fire trucks for tours, which proved very popular.

We also had the opportunity to visit the fire museum. EOBI Ferdinand Mayer led us through the collection. It is an interesting museum that has been put together with real dedication.

BR Adolf Huber took us around the fire station and gave us an overview of the Brigade. Currently there are 59 active members, 6 youth volunteers and a 7-man reserve. In operations there were 86 hours of fire-fighting, 320 hours of technical operations, some false alarms and 2,452 hours of exercises and meetings.

After we had been entered in the guest book, we were treated to coffee and cake.

Also impressive is the equipment the Brigade uses with their various vehicles – these include barges and a rescue boat for the water service. We were also able to visit the command centre, which was manned and ready for action. Regarding communications, the Spillern Brigade has long been part of the digital age. It has been converted in part to the digital radio system BOS Austria (for authorities and organizations with security tasks). The same applies to the alarm, with digital pagers purchased here. The fire fighters’ tasks will become increasingly difficult (with more technical operations) and this will require better, more diverse, intensive and prolonged training.

At this get-together we guests were generously given gifts, which we much appreciated, but it also provided us with an opportunity to exchange ideas and to get to know each other better. What is certain is that the Spillern Volunteer Fire Brigade will once again participate in our next Disabled Flight Day. We look forward to seeing them!


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