Generalversammlungen 2013


General Assemblies of the

LazarusUnion – CSLI

Corps Saint LazarusAustria – CSLA

Naval Comradeship Vice Admiral Archduke Ferdinand Max

A report by „Spectator“


On January 26th, 2013 there was “great battle day of general assemblies“ for the Lazarus Union as there were three general assemblies scheduled for that day. But anyone expecting anything big surely got disappointed as all three general assemblies were not only finished within three hours but all decisions on motions were unanimously.


As a guest of honour we were able to welcome the Grand Prior of the Austrian Grand Priory of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (HOLJ), Chev. Oliver Gruber-Lavin KLJ (acting as an observer of the  HOLJ administration inMalta).






Absolute (internal) general assembly record was won by the Corps Saint LazarusAustria– CSLA. CSLA president Wolfgang Leithner managed to finish the CSLA general assembly in an astonishing 18 minutes inclusive the co-opting of  Dr. Oswin Hochstöger, attorney at law, into the board of management.


The board of the Corps Saint Lazarus Austria-CSLA
CSLA Vicepresident lawyer Dr. Oswin Hochstöger
Lazarus Union President Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt (2.f.l.) watchs the general assembly of the CSLA





The chair of the Naval Comradeship Vizeadmiral Erzherzog Ferdinand Max – CSLI in the Lazarus Union and in the Austrian Naval Union (Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt) took a little longer but also managed to finish the general assembly within 50 minutes. It took him somewhat longer as the report on the 1st Handicapped Sail Cruise of the Lazarus Union led to some discussions, also the co-opting of Hannes Hochmuth as Vice Chair of the Naval Comradeship had to be approved.


The board of the MK-EFM





Actual summit of the day was the general assembly of the Lazarus Union to which more than 70% of all members entitled to vote did show up. Thanks to the new home page the Lazarus Union president, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, could reduce his report to the headers (there was definitely much to report on last year‘s numerous activities).


President Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt oppens the general assembly
2nd Lt CSLI Peter Jung from Germany receives his promotion dercree to 1st Lieutenant CSLI
The board of the Lazarus Union

The report of the auditors is to be mentioned particularly (see the reprint) as it again notes especially the very low administrative costs and the “expenses handling policy“ of the Lazarus Union, something the Lazarus Union is very proud of. We know of no other organisations (of a comparable size) with such a low factor of administrative costs.




The presentation of the projects of the Lazarus Union


Also to be mentioned is the noticeable camaraderie and the communal spirit. No single aggressive word, no dispute, no personal attacks, no irrelevant criticism, but only constructive and forward-looking contributions where everybody was trying his best to contribute to the whole and the collective success. All planned events and activities can be found on the homepage. To list them all would go beyond the scope of this report so only the most important own activities shall be given here:


Journey to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to attend the investiture of the CSLI Brazil

Journey toMalta to attend the investiture of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

5th Investiture of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour in Vienna

Lazarus Union charity concert “organ of nations“ in Vienna

9th flight assistant seminar of the CSLI Air Wing inVienna

7th Lazarus Union – CSLI handicapped air day at Stockerau airfield

2nd charity concert of the “Big Band of the Lazarus Union“ at Stockerau airfield

6th Investiture of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour inVienna

Journey to Portsmouth/England to attend the investiture of the Order of  St. Joachim

Lazarus Union Christmas party

2nd International Friendship Festival in May 2014 inVienna


Altogether this day was another successful milestone in the short history of the Lazarus Union and its associated unions and an excellent proof of the good work provided in the spirit of St. Lazarus by all the directors, officials, and members.

For this, thanks a lot!


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