Katastropheneinsatz 2013

Flood Report June 2013






A report by helicopter pilot and flight instructor
Mjr CSLI Klaus Weber


My valued Lazarus Union comrades!

And I mean ALL, without regard to rank, because we are all one unit (not only) in times of such a disaster!

During flight missions yesterday and today (04.06.2013 & 05.06.2013) I recorded these shocking images of the disaster on the floodplain of the Danube around Tulln! My route was from Stockerau to the power plant at Theis. All the houses in the settlement have been evacuated, and stand with water up to their roofs.

These devastating pictures remind me, alas, of my relief operation of 2010 in Islamabad / Pakistan. Time and again, it’s an indescribable and unimaginable horror for people who have lost all their belongings.

These images certainly also saddened me as an outdoor enthusiast and hunter! Seeing wild animals struggling for survival and searching for safety on floating islands was a sight that was very difficult to bear!

The roads are not passable because of the water, which is sometimes 2m deep. Only the boards of the traffic signs protrude (there’s no trace of the bars). From a helicopter perspective this might look harmless. On the ground it certainly is not!

The District Jägermeister DI Alfred Schwanzer and Paul G. Schaufler, who contributed out of their own pockets, initiated yesterday’s flights over Tulln.

Today (05.06.2013) Ing. Andreas Völkl of the Neuhof-Schmida Forest Administration and Ing. Roland Jaggler of the Northeast District Forest Inspectorate attended for the Northeast State Government! They are associated with the Northeast Region Disaster Registry where the Lazarus Union is also registered as a disaster relief organization!

In the afternoon I made another flight in the municipality of Kritzendorf, where the situation has now also become very precarious! Also for tomorrow and Friday some additional flights are sheduled.

I wish you all a safe outcome from this difficult situation and will continue making the helicopter of the Lazarus Union Air Wing available for missions!

Finally, I salute all the support staff who have persevered through relentless operations, despite exhaustion, and worked so courageously to stand by our people in these very hard times.


Klaus Weber
Major CSLI Air Wing
Commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor


Editor’s note:

Mjr CSLI Klaus Weber is a foundation member of the CSLI and was a student pilot of our union commander many years ago. In the year 2006, he has had  the idea of ​​a “Flying day for disabled people”. An idea, which is an integral part of our charity work for other humans till today. In this way, again: Thanks Klaus!

Furthermore, we would like to thank all members of the LAZARUS UNION who have done through individual help and assistance under the “TeamAustria” their contribution to manage the flood. Naturally there will be the “Missioncross of the LAZARUS UNION” available, to decorate such mission. (Fill out the application form, have it signed by supervisor and submit it to the union command.)




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