FF Spillern – Autosegnung

A report by Erich Kadlec
Pictures by Hannes Hartmuth


A Lazarus Union delegation

participated in a ceremony of the

Spillern Voluntary Fire brigade

on 27. April 2014.


The occasion was the blessing of the newly purchased personnel carrier. Also the youth fire brigade celebrated its 30. anniversary. A service was held, celebrated by parson KR Msgr. Franz Forsthuber, at the same time a celebration of St. Florian.

Sponsors for the blessing of the vehicle were Mrs. Bettina and Mr. Georg Waldstein-Wartenberg. Fire Brigade Chief Adolf Huber welcomed the guests. He reported that it was necessary that a new personnel carrier had to be acquired as the old one did not get any further operating approval. This purchase was also supported by the county fire brigade union of Lower Austria.

The youth fire brigade of the voluntary fire brigade Spillern was founded in 1984. As of today it has 18 members, aged 10 to 16. As most of the new members of the regular voluntary fire brigade are recruited from these youngsters, youth work is considered extremely important. 21 members of the active fire brigade team are former youth fire brigade team members.

Among the various salutation speeches was also one of the mayor and fire brigade chief of Kanice, a partner voluntary fire brigade from the Czech Republic, near Brno, founded in 1892.

Ing. Vlado Kalivoda reported that in his community a youth fire brigade team “officially“ exists since 14 years. But some 80 years old men tell that there already was a “youth fire brigade“ when they were young guys. The youth fire brigade in the Chech Republic is organised a little bit differently, more like the former “pioneers“. They engage in many more different activities like wood camps or even rifle shooting.

He also presented several symbolic gifts to the Spillern Fire Brigade.

CSLI president Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt presented the LAZARUS UNION and mentioned the friendly cooperation between our two organisations.

To help your neighbour is very much in the sense of our “knightly ideals.“

Some comrades from the Spillern Fire Brigade publicly received LAZARUS UNION awards for their support during our last Air Day.

The fire brigade also promoted some of its members to higher ranks, namely Ing. Mag Antony Andres and Josef Kühner.

A morning pint accompanied by thy fire brigade music corps from Enzersfeld finally completed the event.


Picture impressions by Hannes Hochmuth:

 We thank the photographer for these wonderful pictures!



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