24th Investiture KMFAP

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24. Investitur KMFAP

in Chateau Bela, SK


GenLt Christoph PtakA report by Christoph Ptak

Hannes Hochmuth MK-EFMPictures by Hannes Hochmuth, Pressphotographer


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Following a cherished tradition, we were happy this time to again accept an invitation to the Investiture of Postulants of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem / Knights of Malta and the Sovereign Order of Cyprus / Knights of Sword and Silence and participated with a small delegation.


Early in the morning the representatives of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union, Grandmaster Wolfgang Steinhardt, Grand Chancellor Christoph Ptak and Commander Hannes Hochmuth, made our way to Chateau Bela, Slovakia. Following a quick and easy drive there was still plenty of time to take a late breakfast and to greet our many friends and close acquaintances from previous joint events.

On the day before, the framework program of this year’s investiture had begun with a meeting of the Chapter and the personal presentation of the Postulants.

The second dayof the celebrationsbegan with Holy Mass in the Chapel.

The Investiture opened with the arrival of the Banners, the Sword-bearers and the honourable and invited guests from friendly organizations in 25 countries on three continents (St. George & St. Martin, Order of the Roman Eagle, Pro Corcordatia Populorum, Hospitaler Order of St. Lazarus, FEMERAID, St. Lazarus Special Rescue Group and Ordo Hungariae).

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In his address, Prince Jose instructed the postulants on the importance of the tasks they have to accept as members of the Knighthood. Particularly impressive were the questions he raised, which will have to be answered in the future by all of us.

I especially liked a remark: … Let us ensure that our children and grandchildren grow up in an environment worth living in, but we have to simultaneously ensure that the environment survives for our children and grandchildren …”

The ceremony was framed by performances from a flute / guitar duo who showed their skills presenting a program from Baroque classic to Eric Satie, while a singer of the Prague Opera with a magnificent and expressive voice delighted the audience with operatic arias and recitals. These musical treats made us almost forget that the investiture lasted more than three hours.

Conclusion: A successful event, we will certainly be happy to be at the 25th Investiture.

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Christoph Ptak

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