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Prof.Dr.Ramiro Anzit-GuerreroProf.Dr.Ramiro Anzit-Guerrero, Vice Chairman of the Lazarus Union Advisory Board


Academic travel from Argentina to the Middle East

Between 15th and 29th November 2014, our Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board, Prof.Dr. Ramiro Anzit-Gurrero and Grand Prior of OSMTH, made an official academic and cultural journey with a delegation of Argentina to Turkey, Jordan and Israel. Among those with whom I have interviewed are: With the Islamic leader of Turkey, Istanbul Grand Mufti, Sheikh Rahmi Yaran, the same a week later met with His Holiness Pope Francis; with authorities of Koc University; with the Turkish Trade Agency; with the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople;  with the Director of the Royal Institute for Inter-religious Studies of Jordan; with the Rector of the University of Jordan; with officials of the Israeli Foreign Ministry; with members of the Knesset, with professors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, Nativity Church (Palestine) and Christian sacred places.

On this trip with they could appreciate the difficulties that arise at regional and international level, to the threat of fundamentalist terror groups like ISIS, which has caused a shift of 2,000,000 refugees into Jordanian territory, country that shows technical capacity and tolerance to the needs of their neighbors, especially Syria and Iraq. This reality also strategically affect Turkey, one of the major powers in the Middle East, and  before the new wave of terrorist attacks has crippled the Palestinian dialogue – Israel, in this case particularly pronounced when the terrorist group Hamas authority that governs the Gaza Strip.

Attached  you will find (with thanks to Ramiro) the pictures of the meetings that they have had in the three countries.

For all the attendants this journey has been a unique experience.



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