Police Ball 2015

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Vienna Police Ball at City Hall

with a Spanish ambience

and international guests



The grand opening of this year’s Vienna Police Ball took place at 9 o’clock with members of The Young Men’s and Women’s Committee and the Spanish guests, lead by dancers from the Hanselmayer-Vestenbrugg Dance School, dancing a Polonaise to music by the Vienna Police Big Band and String Orchestra.


Host and Mayor, Michael Häupl, briefly welcomed the numerous celebrities from politics, sports and business, and various representatives of the media. He left the speech-making to, among others, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Chief of Police Dr. Gerhard Pürstl, his deputy, General Mahrer, and the Spanish Ambassador to Vienna, His Excellency Yago Pico de Coana y de Valicourt.

The ball had been sold out by Christmas and clearly the almost 3000 guests agreed with Dr Pürstl’s description: a “festival of superlatives”. Through the many salons of City Hall, including the Banqueting Hall, the Senate Chamber and the Arms Hall, the lilting sounds of ‘evergreens’, ‘disco’ and waltzes echoed until the early morning.

The midnight show with The Austrian Guys Rat Pack was followed by the grand raffle with nine prizes, including a flat-screen TV and an e-bike. The dancing that followed, to the Quadrille, the Gallop and the Danube Waltz, was a highlight of the evening.

Everywhere there were cocktails, drinks and snacks. There was even a smoking area in the north buffet but it was made use of by only the really hard-core smokers. Wolfgang and I quickly escaped, but Monika had the best conversations about our Lazarus Union there. The hours passed in a flash until, in the early morning, we made our back home.

CSLI representatives at the Ball were: Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt, Conductor Fritz Lentner, who unfortunately had to work, with his wife Edith, Francis and Ernestine Lentner and friends from Germany: Director of the Board Franz Graf, Commander Monika Gries and, of course, myself.

Finally, it’s important to bear in mind that:

The Board and Officials of the LAZARUS UNIION attend such events not (only) as an “end in itself”! We used every opportunity to talk about the LAZARUS UNION and its work, and to promote our ideals, with as many people as possible. The fact that our (approved) attractive uniforms make a major contribution to making different people easier to talk to, is a welcome side effect.


Report by:

Chev.Hans-Rudolf GriesCommander Hans-Rudolf Gries

Pictures Hans-Rudolf Gries and Maria Petrak (www.thebestoftheworld.info)



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