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“World Interfaith Harmony Week“

In 2010 the UN general assembly has declared the first week in February “World Interfaith Harmony Week“. Sine then thousands of events held by inter-religious unions and other groups worldwide show that the commonalities of the various religions prevail and the differences are meaningless with regard to a peaceful existence with one another.

This year‘s conference was held under the motto “The meaning of interdenominational cooperation for securing the peace in the 21st century“.

With their development programme the UN support nations in fighting poverty and preventing crises as most conflicts root in the big social and economic differences in developing nations. Other focal points are the protection of human rights and equal rights of women.

A special kind of peace project is the Jerusalem Way, leading from Santiago de Compostella through 15 countries to Jerusalem. Details at www.jerusalemway.org

There are 4200 religions worldwide, following different rules which are sometimes not religiously motivated but picture only outdated stereotypes. Perhaps also the subordinate role of women goes back to the fact that most “gods“ are male.

The example of Korea illustrates that a coexistence of Shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism and since the 18th century also Christianity works fine, especially as 70% of the basics are similar.

In China a rational Confucianism confronted an irrational Taoism. During the Cultural Revolution any religious practice was forbidden, the situation eased somewhat off later. Still the position of the Chinese Government towards religion is somewhat ambivalent today.

Other summaries covered the situation in Bosnia and in Greece.

All speakers were confident that by this intensive dialogue between the religious groups the understanding, respect, and cooperation of humans of various faiths will provide a significant contribution towards peace in the world.

Our president Senator h.c Wolfgang Steinhardt and vice president Chev. Christoph Ptak were officially accredited LAZARUS UNION representatives at this conference.



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