Brain changes during adolescence



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“Brain changes during adolescence”


Antonio VirgiliReport by Prof.Dr.Antonio Virgili

The CSLI Italia -Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro together with Centro Studi Internazionali – CSI and State Institute “M.Pagano”, has organized meetings open to high school students to disclose recent neuroscience studies to raise awareness of their importance for the welfare of the population.

The meetings has been organized within the –Brain Awareness Week- the international event promoted by the Dana Foundation (USA). The seminar on “Brain changes during adolescence” took place on March 17 2016, at the State Institute “M. Pagano”. The speaker, Prof. Antonio Virgili, professor of neurosocial sexology, a clinical reflexologist expert in PNEI, explained to the audience some of the recent developments of applied research and biomedical neuroscience during the past years.

Intended for students aged 14 to 19 years, the meeting addressed the issue of the transformations occurring in the brain from birth to adolescence. Adolescence, with its rapid physical and psychological changes is a very delicate time for people.

The asynchrony of development, physical and cerebral, determine tensions, anxieties, stress and risk (anorexia, bulimia, risk sexuality, anxiety disorders, etc.) that only correct information can help reduce.

Professor Virgili, explained the many aspects of brain involvement and its asynchronies in everyday life, from biorhythms (nutrition, sleep, menstruation) to the social dimension of the processes of maturation. Sexuality is one of the factors of greatest tension at this stage of the life cycle in industrialized countries for a young population which is considered no longer a child but not yet an adult.

Approximately one hundred students have participated, with interest, at the meeting which lasted about three hours.








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