General Assembly 2016

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March 12th, 2016


Oliver Gruber-Lavon OchoaReport by Oliver Gruber-Lavin, Secretary General


On Saturday, March 12th, the Lazarus Union annual general assembly took place.

After playing the Lazarus Union march and a welcome address by Union commander Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt all present raised in memory of comrades passed, especially mentioned was comrade Horst Schöffmann (founding and honourable member, member of the board as deputy treasurer, CSLI MajGen). The tattoo was played in remembrance.

Then the quorum was assured and the agenda and the minutes from last year were approved.

The admittance of new members in 2015 (and the exclusion of one member) was approved unanimously.

The statues were modified to grant those organisation parts and group members with large bodies of members more votes.

After the report from the treasurer and the auditors (LINK) the formal discharge of the cashier and the board of management for the year 2015 were both accepted by the general assembly and all were approved for a next term of office.

Several personal decisions followed regrading confirmation and dismissal of members of the board.

Then the union commander gave a report on the status of the Lazarus Union with the United Nations, the recent Germany tour of the music corps, investitures in 2016, and other activities like the CSLI participation at the Handicapped Air Day of the FSV 2000.

Another focus was set on the newly founded Lazarus Union leadership academy.

Finally three introduced proposals were voted upon and awards were presented to some friends and members of the union as well as members of the guard of honour.

Please find a detailed description of the reports and decisions HERE in the minutes of the general assembly as well as in the Union Commander‘s annual report.


Oliver Gruber-Lavin

Secretary General



Pictures will follow soon!



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