“Changing of the guard” in the refugee camp



„Changing of the Guard“

in the accommodation

for refugees


Bernd-Höhle[1]A Report by Bernd Höhle, MjrGen CSLI and Commander in Chief of SoF


First minister and head of the district authority Schulze expressed thanks. CSLI MajGen Bernd Höhle, Commander of the CSLI Corps SOF reporting.

With taps the urgent care for refugees by SOF members and the German medical service friend‘s association came to an end.


The head of the district authority Uwe Schulze expressed his thanks to SOF Commander CSLI Major Raymond Schulz ( association president ) and his comrades-in-arms. “You have done pioneering work and set standards in assistance,“ were his words.


As refugee assistance was virgin soil for all it was no easy job which was but well done after some initial problems. Schultze was full of praise for the standards reached, as “everybody was taken care for in a human way.“



For 80 days CSLI Major Raymond Schulz was in charge of the refugee accommodation camp. Besides the familiar atmosphere, which was especially emphasised, several integration activities were offered like for example joint cooking, first aid training, traffic education with a bicycle course, football, garden maintenance, and more.



Also the organisation and leading of the camp as well as translation services required a lot of engagement and Attention.


Several external SOF members actively participated in collecting donations and also in assistance work, also the excellent cooperation with other partners like Köthen police, medical services, and doctors must be mentioned. Even the first minister of the county personally thanked the team. Since Tuesday the camp is operated by the Köthener BVIK gGmbH. We wish them continuing success.



“We hereby express once more our fullest esteem to SOF Commander CSLI Major Raymond Schulz ( president of the German medical service friend‘s association ) and his team, as this assistance job was far beyond normal emergency assistance, wearing out the team.“ were the words by CSLI GenMjr Bernd Höhle, SOF board of management. Now the team will be able to once more concentrate on its core Tasks.

Bernd Höhle

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