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Help for refugees


Shelter Sachsen-Bitterfeld

Fast help has a name: SOF / CSLI


With a VW ‘Bulli’ loaded full of hygiene articles, including 100s of bottles of shower gel and shampoo, a 100 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, nappies, soap, towels and linens, and with lots of toys and other social goods, we went to the Saxony Bitterfeld shelter which is currently housing Syrian refugees.

Major General CSLI Bernd Höhle, SOF Commander, and Corporal CSLI Verona Henning gave the welfare goods to the Head of Shelter Staff, SOF Commander and Major CSLI, Raymond Schulz. He and his team are volunteers for the Catering and Entertainment programme at this facility. The team also includes an Interpreter to bridge the language barrier.

Commander Höhle and Mrs Henning support this local team in its best efforts. The District Administrator himself, Uwe Schulze, took this opportunity to come to the shelter and thank the assistants for their active support.



Raymond Schulz, Landrat Schulz, B. höhle und Dolmetscher




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