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Bernd HöhleA report by Major General CSLI Bernd Cave, commander of the CSLI Corps SoF


When twice as much rain fell in the southeast Indian city of Chennai within 24 hours that usually falls during the entire month of December, harrowing floods put the city underwater. Since clogged sewers and arid soil couldn’t deal with all the excess water, the effects were devastating: at least 325 people drowned in India’s fourth largest city.

Sword of Freedom (SoF) Ambassador Rev. Dr. Alwin Roland has been working tirelessly with his team in the disaster area of Chennai. He has organized many truckloads of relief supplies, led several supply actions and distributed clothing.


At the same time, Major General CSLI Bernd Cave, Commander of the CSLI Corps SoF, accompanied a SoF delegation from Germany to support aid efforts on the ground in India. As reported by Col. CSLI Dr. Anthony Fernandes Baptista, Commander of the SoF section India, disaster relief was quickly organized with Indian members of the SoF. On average, SoF Ambassador Rev. Dr. Alwin Roland and his WJM team are helping about 150 people a day with acute needs.


Many people who were already living in poor conditions have lost everything. Healing from the effects of this catastrophe – the many hundreds of deaths and lost livelihoods – will be difficult for many people. The future is also bleak due to climate change. India is among the countries that will suffer most from the intensifying hurricanes, droughts and floods.


Below are some effects of the catastrophic flood:

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