50 Years of the Federal Cameraderie “Field Marshall Radetzky”

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50 Years of Federal Camaraderie

“Field Marshal Radetzky”


A report by Christoph Ptak

Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth and other comrades


Bright sunshine and late-summer temperatures greeted the over eight hundred participants at the commemoration to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Camaraderie for “Field Marshal Radetzky” at the Heldenberg Memorial where the crypt of Field Marshal Joseph Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz can be found.


Participants mustered on the festival grounds to the sounds of lively marching music performed by the Klosterneuburg city band, led by Colonel CSLI Franz Lentner, the deputy chief of our Lazarus Music Corps. Our General Music Supervisor, Brigadier General CSLI Friedrich Lentner, functioned as drum major. Also representing our honorary knighthood were dames Ernestine and Edith Lentner who served as vivandières.


Under the command of Franz Graf (also Colonel CSLI), more than 60 flag secondments marched past the monument accompanied by their comrades in colourful uniforms and costumes of their organizations and took their place behind the honoured guests.





After the founder and chairman of the Federal and Central Confederation, Councillor Colonel Alexander W. Ritter welcomed the dignitaries, General (ret.) Edmund Entacher gave a commemorative speech in regards to the unique importance of Field Marshal Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky for Austria and his army. With more than 72 years on active duty as a soldier, he is considered the world’s “longest serving soldier”. Addressing the current situation surrounding asylum and immigration, he ostensibly criticized politicians for having failed especially in the area of defence and we will feel the consequences of this policy for many years to come.



The open-air mass was lead by and Military Chaplain Dr Alexander M. Wessely. In his impressive sermon, the chaplain warned that it was not for us to judge, but rather to help “under the sign of the cross, such as the Red Cross. The cross is a symbol of self-sacrificing devotion”.



Afterwards, the tribute to the hero and wreath-laying ceremony took place in the crypt.




The ceremony ended with an impressive parade. Adorned with the jubilee flags bands, our Honour Guard with its two flags and the delegation of the Lazarus Union marched by the guests of honour who had taken their position on the steps.





Attendees who appeared in uniform of the Lazarus Union:


Wolfgang Steinhardt, Christoph Ptak, Josef Maria Gebel, Hannes Hochmuth, Hans König, Anita König, Fritz Lentner, Werner Winkelhofer, Martha Fichtl, Michaela Matzka, Erwin Matzka, Christopher Vlasic, Alexander Banhofer, Daniel Csadek, Edith Lentner, Erni Lentner


Many of our members came in the uniforms of other organizations, there were probably around 40 comrades of the CSLI who participated in this successful commemorative event.






The CSLI warmly congratulates the organizers of this successful anniversary celebration.


Christoph Ptak

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