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Mondo Donna

Editionb 2015-2016



Prof. Virgili and Dr. Condorelli   


On 14 October 2015, was held at the Clinica Mediterranea the meeting to present the fourth edition of the series of meetings and seminars dedicated to the welfare of women “Mondo Donna” (Woman World). From November 2016 to May 2016, through ten meetings, there will be covered several useful topics for the prevention of diseases and medical conditions as well as to greater social well-being of women. The CSLI is part of the Technical Committee of the operational event. The meeting, coordinated by Dr. Celeste Condorelli, Managing Director of the Clinic, was followed by the opening of an art exhibition and a convivial buffet. At the inaugural event gave adhesions and attended by the Prefect, the Vice Questore (Deputy Police Chief), Presidents of the Order of Physicians, of the Chamber of Commerce, of the Industrial Union, of the Young Entrepreneurs Association and several reporters and Press representantives. For the CSLI was attended by a delegation of six members, including Prof. Virgili, the CSLI Commander for Italy. The CSLI made proposals for initiatives to be implemented with various associations in order to promote the prevention and the participation of the less advantaged female population.


The CSLI delegation at “Mondo Donna” meeting 2015    


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