About the Honour Guard

“The Honour Guard should be the figurehead of the Lazarus Union, representing its discipline and order! It should therefore be regarded by everyone as a privilege to be a member of the Honour Guard!”

Ehrengarde Gruppe


The Honour Guard


The Honour Guard was established by the Bureau of the Lazarus Union. The main task of the Honour Guard is the proper representation of the insignia of the association. These include specially adopted flags, banners and decorations such as the bugle. In order to fulfil this task properly the members undergo training, especially in the area of formal drill. No item of the complete uniform can be missing for Guard members.

As an outward sign of membership of the Honour Guard, the Guard lanyard in gold is worn on the right shoulder.

Appearances by the Honour Guard at events organized by other associations is also one of our most important tasks. By such appearances we can best represent the Lazarus Union. In the picture below three of our members can be seen during their participation in an event at Langenlois.

Fahnenweihe Langenlois 069

Furthermore, members of the Honour Guard strive to best support our comrades of the Lazarus Music Corps. At the Music Corps concert in front of the Schönbrunn Palace, for example, Guards served as the Standard Bearers.


The work for our own events should be mentioned as an absolutely main task. In the pictures below members of the Honour Guard can be seen during an Investiture. These functions constitute a main event and are attended by all comrades. At internal CSLI events Honour Guard members assistant with general Tasks.

Investitur Burg Kreuzenstein 2014-191

Investitur Burg Kreuzenstein 2014-539

Investitur Burg Kreuzenstein 2014-430

Since 05 September 2015, the Honour Guard is under new command. Major CSLI Paul Vrablik and his deputies, Captain CSLI Peter Domweber and Lieutenant CSLI Thomas Laserer direct the fortunes of the newly established Group.

Investitur 2015-099


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