Grand coat of arm of the CSLI Knighthood of Honour

Großes Wappen der CSLI Ehrenritterschaft



Personal coat of arm

Each CSLI Knight of Honour has the right to use the below published kind of the Coat of Arm in accordance of his rank, together with his own personal familiy arm, or he can create his own personal Coat of Arm using this schema during his CSLI Knighthood of Honour.

Coat of Arms

CSLI Colar Knight of Honour

Wappen des Großmeisters

Coat of Arm of the Grandmaster

Samples of arm of other Knights

Wappen des Großmeisters

H.E. Sir Steinhardt H.E. Sir Neidhart Sir Tough

H.E. Sir Ptak Sir Dietel Sir Ozcan

Sir Douglas Sir Weigmann Sir König

GEBEL Grand Commander 150
Sir Leithner Sir Kadlec Sir Gebel

Sir Wanderer Sir Prohaska Sir Wasserteuerer
 Hoch 2 150 PAULIS Grand Commander 150
Sir Dame König Sir Paulis
HOCHSTÖGER Commander 150 HOCHMUTH Commander 150 WINKELHOFER Commander 150
Sir Hochstöger Sir Hochmuth Sir Winkelhofer
Sir N H.E. Earl Wilczek Sir M
Sir Ortiz Sir Badziag Sir
GRIES Commander 150
Dame Gries Sir Gries Sir R
Sir H Sir N Sir M
CSLI Knight R.Schröder 150

Brunner 150

CSLI Knight R.Schröder 3 150
Sir S Sir Brunner Sir S
 Sir Tratschitt
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