Save for the insignia wear the Knights of Honour as a symbol of their knighthood also a black mantle with a velvet collar with the symbol of the CSLI Knighthood of Honour embroidered on the left side of the mantle.

CSLI Knighthood of HonourCSLI Knighthood of Honour

Mantle buckle

Mantelschnalle NEU  450

Mantle buckle (up from November 2014)

CSLI Knighthood of Honour

 Original picture of the mantle sign

Additional further original pictures of the insignias

Sign of the Knighthod of Honour on CSLI uniforms

Blazer arm



           Collar Grand Knight          Member of the Chapter
                Grand Officer                Grand Master


Knighthood of Honour and candidature

for persons with non-Christian beliefs


Already in former times like for example during the crusades with all their terror, injustice, cruelty, and lack of tolerance it was possible for knights to become accepted by their enemies as equals, even respected and held in high regards because of their courage, chivalry, and readiness for peace.

The LAZARUS UNION and so also its Knighthood of Honour do honour and respect all humans and their religions. So this consequently is also respected concerning the insignia of the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour as it might be difficult if not impossible for non-Christian Knights of Honour to wear the cross as a symbol of their belonging to the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour.

Because of this, special insignia have been designed for Knights of Honour not belonging to a Christian religion. This so is a logical extension of our investiture ceremony where also care is taken for such personal situations. These insignia do not hold any crosses or other Christian symbols. Only on the middle medallion the waking of St.Lazarus is pictured and our four principles tolerance, humility, charity, and brotherly love are mentioned.

Those four principles are non-denominational and mirror the basic attitude of the LAZARUS UNION and its Knighthood of Honour. Of course all Knights of Honour can wear THESE insignia.

The coats for knights expectant and Knights of Honour of non-Christian religions hold instead of the cross pattée the corresponding symbol of THEIR religion (e.g. the Hilal (crescent moon) for Islam, the Star of David for Judaism, the Dharma Wheel for Buddhism, the Torii for Shintoism, etc.). Knights expectant wear the corresponding hatchment only, Knights of Honour the hatchment with underlying crossed swords.


Here are the Insignia:


 Non christioan Kights 150Mantel Ritter Muslim 450


Knight Commander
Knight original 250 Kommandeurstern 250
Ribbon/Rosette Ribbon/Rosette

Bandspange Knight 150

Knight 80


Bandspange Commander 150

Commander 80

Miniature Miniature
 Miniatur Knight  Miniatur Commander
Grand Commander Grand Star
Großkommandeur 250 Großstern Original 250
Ribbon/Rosette Ribbon/Rosette

Bandspange Grand Commander 150

Grand Commander 80


Bandspange Grand Star 150

Grand Cross 80

Miniature Miniature
 Miniaturband Grand Commander  Miniaturband Grand Star
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