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After the granting of the “Special Consultative Starus” with the UNITED NATIONS, the “mid blue barrett with the UN-NGO metal badge of the LAZARUS UNION” will be used by uniformed CSLI members during special events . (Look the pictures)






The CSLI cooperates with other uniformed units in the event of a disaster.

Without an appropriate structure and chain of command any deployment would become chaotic and dangerous.

For this reason, the CSLI has decided to adopt the internationally accepted principles of forming such units and the identification of command and rank structures in the form presented now, furthermore to adjust the rank and office insignia.

In order to avoid confusion with army or police formations, the appendix „CSLI“ is used.

This label allows other organizations to identify the forces of CSLI and furthermore to detect and classify the appropriate rank or position.


The symbolism of the CSLI rank insignias


The CSLI has balanced many issues in the creation process of it´s badges!

In order not to be mistaken for relief organizations that wear uniform and in order to provide a clear difference in distinction and rank insignia, the CSLI selected the Cross Patty as base of all badges and rank insignia.

The eight corners of the cross symbolize not only the eight beatitudes *), but also the eight knightly virtues **), to which the Order of Lazarus is committed since the 11 th century AD. As a reliefe organization, the CSLI has though taken over the function of a „Knightly Army of St. Lazarus“

*) Poverty before God, mouming, meekness, hunger and thirst, mercy, pureness in one’s heart, peaceableness, persecution for righteousness‘ sake.

**) Faith, hope, love, mercy, wisdom, justice, fortitude, moderation


In principle, the structure of this symbolism is very simple:


The rank and file, non-commissioned officers (NCO) and commissioned officers (CO) wear a maximum of three crosses according to their rank.

The colour of the crosses is either „silver“ (rank and file and NCO) or „gold“  (CO only)



The symbol oft he staff officers, who hold the honour and the privilege to have more responsibility and who are be allowed by their position to act as an ideal for others, is the „CSLI-Cross“. It consist a cross surrounded by a laurel wreath (as a symbol of honour)

In addition, one to three simple crosses are worn according to the rank.


Any other insignia of the CSLI are no insignia in the strict sense, but rather „office insignia“, which have to be returned tot he association upon end of special function.




The „CSLI-Cross“ was once more selected as symbol.

However the laurel wreath does not connect the arms of the cross but frames the cross itself (as a sign oft he special fiduciary  duty the officer holds for the units led by him/her)


The CSLI Corps badge:




The „CSLI-Cross“ was once more selected as symbol on a base of red; however the laurel wreath does not connect the arms oft he cross, but frames the cross itself.

Symbol is placed onto a black, golden framed French shield.



CSLI Function Badges








Executive Board

Union Commander in Chief

Director of the Advisory Board

Group Commanders

Corps Commanders


Chief of Staff

Debuty Group Commanders

Debuty Corps Commanders

Debuty Directors of the Advisory Board


Commander of Countries

Executive Officers

Members of the Advisory Board


Debuty Commanders of Countries

Commanders of big platoons

Chief of Staff of Country Commanders


Commanders of small platoons

Head of Delegations

Head of Units



CSLI dress and uniform order:


The CSLI has decided to be a relief organization in uniform.

However no one will be forced to wear uniform or to purchase one.

Those who wish to do so, have the right and the appropriate permission to wear an uniform.  Those who don’t will let it be.

To become a member of the CSLI is a question of attitude and does not depend on wearing an uniform. If however a uniform is worn (in case of certain operations to wear a uniform is simply required for security reasons !) the following regulations apply to the members of the CSLI :

1.   All CSLI Events:

At all CSLI events, the appropriate CSLI uniform is not only „allowed“ or „desirable“ but obligatory for the owner of a CSLI uniform !

2.    Social Events.

At social events, in which CSLI members wish to participate and which provides the appropriate base for the wearing of uniforms (for example, family celebrations, balls, meetings of camaraderie clubs, theatre visits, conferring of an order and similar occasions), to wear uniform is not only  „permitted“ but even DESIRABLE for members of the CSLI

3.    Miscellaneous regulations:

The CSLI welcomes IN PRINCIPLE that all members are entitled to wear the uniform of the CSLI in all approved versions.

The members should however keep in mind the dignity and reputation of an uniform and in this regard to wear the uniform of the CSLI. The occasion must be SUITABLE and CONDIGN and must not put the prestige and dignity of CSLI at any risk.

It is strictly forbidden to wear the uniform of the CSLI before a court, in demonstrations, at certain locations and at  INOPERORATE occasions. Upon disregard of these regulations, the respective supervisor (who is also the responsible officer for checking the members‘ compliance with these regulations) may issue a ban to wear the CSLI uniform, which can ONLY be cancelled by the respective group commanders and the federal commander


An appropriate written report is to be sent to the executive staff. The dishonourable wearing of the CSLI uniform may cause the exclusion of the concerned member from the CSLI because of „disparaging behaviour“

All members of the CSLI as an aid organization in uniform always have to keep in mind the role model function and the responsibility they have as citizens in uniform.


First Sergeant Major of the CSLI




This grade is awarded to the eldest and most experienced NCO of the CSLI and only one time . The most experienced officers, who have already demonstrated their qualification and competence in a number of missions. He is a member of the executive staff of the Union Command.

The „FIRST SERGEANT MAJOR OF THE CSLI“  (1stgtMjr) is next to the official rank an honorary rank, too, and will be awarded only one time in ACTIVE duty. He must live in Vienna or in the vicinity of Vienna.

After retirement from active duty, the bearer hast he right to keep the rank, however he has to use the appendix „emeritus“ or „em.“

Its tasks also include the representation of all ranks up to Sergeat Major  to the Union Commander of the CSLI. The rank is protocolicly equal to a „Colonel CSLI“







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