Uniform Navy Corps

If “Rank and Files” and NCO’s are wearing a “Double row Navy dress”, they have to use the rank signs on the left arm fixed under the “CSLI Navy Corps Arm” in the kind of the loop signs. (Click HERE)


If there are no own “Navy Uniform” available, every member of the CSLI Navy Corps who like to show the membership to the “CSLI Navy Corps” is entitled to wear (depending of his rank) the “CSLI Navy Corps Anchor” cantered worn on both forearms on the “normal” CSLI uniform. (CSLI anchor emblem in the design depending on the membership of the particular rank group) In this case, the rank insignia will be worn on the lapel.

Rank and Files, NCO’s and other ranks as shown. Officers of the Navy Corps like the officers of the “normal” CSLI according to the rank. (For example, a Lieutenant Commander bears the insignia of a Major CSLI, PLUS a golden anchor on a black background on both forearms, a Vice Admiral bears the insignia of a Major General CSLI, PLUS a golden anchor on a red background on both forearms.) But in this case, NO rank stripes worn on the sleeves!

Lieutenant Commnder CSLI Navy Corps  Commander CSLI Navy Corps


Cap Captain CSLI Navy Corps  Cap Admirals CSLI Navy Corps







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