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To all LAZARUS UNION members and organisations


Various “appearances“ in social media (FACEBOOK; Twitter etc.) or similar do happen but the union command of the LAZARUS UNION has a different view on this and do not have an other web appearance but the official homepage. In the last time our reputation and our emblem are misused more and more and because of this the following order is issued:

It is strictly FORBIDDEN for members, individuals, or groups to use the emblem or the various logos (and variantes) or the name of the LAZARUS UNION or its subunits WITHOUT explicit permission in writing of the union command.

Also appearances which even remotely could be seen in connection with the LAZARUS UNION have to refrain from any statements NOT covered by our statutes, our manifesto, and our mission statements.

Even if permission for such usage has been granted it is considered immediately forfeited if it infringes those principles.

Any members violating this order will in accordance with the statutes ultimately face DISHONOURABLE discharge from the LAZARUS UNION.

The official organ of the LAZARUS UNION is solely our home page and the web pages of subunit structures officially listed on our home page. If any pages appear on the web NOT listed on our home page these are considered unauthorised appearances with content neither agreed on nor authorised by the union command.

Therefore the LAZARUS UNION cannot assume any responsibility for correctness or reliability of such texts.

Members, individuals, or organisations operating such platforms are asked to immediately contact the LAZARUS UNION at lazarus-union@chello.at to apply for permission of using our emblem and logos. Please attach detailed description and orientation of your web appearances.

This measure protects not only the LAZARUS UNION but also all its sub-organisations and prevents fraudulent use of our reputation for unwanted purposes. This order is due to recent events and is considered absolutely necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation!


Wolfgang Steinhardt

Union Commander in Chief


For information

Logo LU Neu 4.3.2011 Konturen schwarz grün Offizielles Logo der LU als consultative NGO NGO-Logo 112 Logo LU nur Kreuz Konturen schwarz 450 Logo LU Neu 4.3.2011 Konturen schwarz

All web appearances listed here with an image of their certification of approval have permission from the LAZARUS UNION to use the logos (and variants) shown above and parts of the name of the LAZARUS UNION (CSLI…) as part of their web sites. As the LAZARUS UNION is neither the owner nor entitled to dispose of those web sites, the LAZARUS UNION does not hold any responsibility whatsoever regarding the content of said web sites. If these web sites show any content NOT in accordance with the motto and the mission statement of the LAZARUS UNION, the LAZARUS UNION not only disassociates itself from those web sites but also asks for any information on such web sites at lazarus-union@chello.at . Thank you!


Every APPROVED Webpage is marked with the “Logo of Permittment” above. If the logo is clicked on the specific webpage, a link is showing automatically THIS site. Therefore an approved web appearance is able to be identified very easy.


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