2.Investitur Wien 2013


2nd Investiture 2013

Knighthood of Honour of the


Austrian Military History Museum


A report by „Spectator“, photos by Hannes Hochmuth – press photographer. Translated into Engish by Col. CSLI Dipl.Ing. Herbert Paulis.


On 12. October 2013, at 6pm the 2nd investiture of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour took place as the final social CSLI highlight for this year. The selected location for the event was once again the hall of fame in theImperialAustrianMilitaryMuseum  inVienna.


While the common understanding already at the first investiture was that it will be next to impossible to top that event, once again our organisation team did an excellent job, again coming up with some new improvements. So the guests and friendly organisations as well as the banners were seated before the marching in of the postulants and the chapter, thereby reducing the stress searching for one‘s seat and making the marching in much more relaxed. All agreed that this was an excellent decision. The information leaflets made it easy for all guests to follow the ceremony and all its deeper intentions.

As with many previous investitures we had the pleasure to welcome representatives from the Radetzky Order, the Order of St. Michael, the Austria Humanitas Corps, the Radetzky Hussars, Langenlois and Spillern voluntary fire brigades, the Flame of Peace, the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem as well as many guests, friends and relatives of our postulants, and Knights of Honour and CSLI members. The hall of fame was full up to the last row and some extra chairs had to be brought in.

Greetings by HIRH Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Toscany, Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen and HIRH Archduke of Austria, Prince of Toscany, Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen

In the course of his welcome address, the Grand Master conveyed personal messages from HIRH Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Toscany, Herta Margarete Habsburg-Lothringen and HIRH Archduke of Austria, Prince of Toscany, Sandor Habsburg Lothringen, who were on some business abroad, and also from our first collar knight and “Knighthood of Honour Pioneer“, the former Minister Dr. Werner Fasslabend, who unfortunately also was on business in Jordan.

Greetings by Secretary of Defense redt. Dr.Werner Fasslabend
Secretary of Defense redt. Dr.Werner Fasslabend, 1. Collar Knight of the Knighthood of Honour of theder Lazarus Union during his investiture 2011 at Rosenburg Castle

Then the protocol officers in charge LtCol. retd. Rudolf Murth and his assistant Mjr. CSLI Helene Kneidinger, took over and several times surprised their audience with most interesting background information on several events and the background music played.

The crusader‘s fanfare led over to the presentation of the banners. Every Knight of Honour is entitled to his own coat of arms and also to present this coat of arms on a banner at official events.

The Grand Master after calling the name handed the banner over to the knight being honoured with the banner.

The knight then turned towards the audience and greeted by lowering the banner. Then the knight returned the banner to the banner bearer.

Banners were presented to: Chev. Hannes Hochmuth, Dame Anita König, Chev. Dr. Oswin Hochstöger and Chev. Prof. Hans König.

Banner Chev. Hannes Hochmuth Banner Chev. Dr.Oswin Hochstöger
Banner Dame Anita König Banner Chev. Prof.Hans König

It is tradition in the course of a great investiture that the Lazarus Union officer‘s promise is renewed by all officers present. After the trumpet signal: “Attention“ designated officers CSLI Lt. Edit and Ernestine Lentner, CSLI Cmdr. Monika Gries and Captain retd. Hans-Rudolf Gries stepped forward and put their left hand on the flagpole of the Union flag. The Deputy Federal Commander Wolfgang Leitner stated the formal promise and all the Officers present replied. “I promise on my honour …“ Personal honour is the most precious thing a Lazarus Union officer possesses. If he breaks this promise he puts disgrace upon himself.

This was followed by the “Dutch Prayer“ from the “Great Austrian Tattoo.“

In his speech the Grand Master addressed the Lazarus Union mission statement, giving a short summary of the history of the organisation and the problems and difficulties to be mastered so today‘s status could be reached. The Lazarus Union is a world-wide accredited charitable organisation with lots of activities on charity, humane, and peace-keeping fields, listed as NGO with the United Nations and soon receiving UN status of a consultative organisation, having more than 16.000 members in over 70 countries worldwide on all continents. While the Lazarus Union is neither a spiritual nor a profane order it shall not forget its roots. This was represented by the members of “Milites Sancti Imperii“ in their historic costumes, thus spanning the tradition from the past to the present. The Grand Master also thanked the postulants who would next in public avow themselves to the mission statement and the fundamental ideas of the Lazarus Union.

Insignia of the Knighthood of Honour for Dames

The investiture of the new knights of honour provided for the climax of the ceremony. The protocol officer called all candidates by their name and the Grand Master asked the already famous questions:

“I ask you therefore, before the assembled congregation: Do you of your own free will as … … .. (here the rank and position to which the candidate is to be commissioned is used) want to belong to our community and accept our mission?“ and “Are you aware what it means to be a member of this community?”

After answering with “I want it with all my heart!” and “Yes, I am!” the candidates receive the insignia of their new dignity: the sword from Lazarus Union Secretary General Erich Kadlec, the mantle from Grand Knight and member of the board Col. Retd. Adolf H. Neidhart, and the insignia of the LAZARUS UNION Knighthood of Honour from the Grand Chancellor,Christoph Ptak.

After the symbolic accolade by Lazarus Union president and Grandmaster of the Knighthood of Honour, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, the new Knight of Honour is welcomed into the society with the triple kiss of brotherhood. After this the new Knight faces the audience while the Grand Master presents the new knight with the words:

“Dear attendees, friends, comrades: here is our new Knight of Honour, we applaud him.”

After the applause the CSLI Fanfare and the Colours honour the new knight. This ceremony is then conducted for every single knight and dame of honour as it is a very special ceremony and shall be remembered with pleasure.

Commander Cross of the Knighthood of Honour

After the music play “Trumpet Voluntary“ the knights of honour Brig. retd. Chev. Ewald Angetter and Chev. Prof.Hans König were promoted to Commander of the Knighthood of Honour. In his laudation the Grand Master mentioned the allegiance and the merits of these knights and then also promoted Chev. Prof. Hans König to Grand Prefect of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union for theCanary Islands.

Chain of Office of the Grand Prefect

As the second Knight of Honour following H.E. Chev. Col. retd. Helmut Neidhart, Grand Chancellor Chev.Christoph Ptak received the Grand Cross of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union to honour his long and great merits. The Lazarus Union heartily congratulates.

Grand Cross of the Knighthood of Honour with sasch

In the presence of Theresia Wassertheurer, widow of our estimated valued and honoured friend and comrade, vice president and Grand Marshal of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour, Col. retd. Reinhard Wassertheurer, his co-opted successor Brig. retd. Ewald Angetter was ceremonially inaugurated and as a sign of his new office received the chain of the Grand Marshal of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour out of the hands of the Grand Master.

Chain of Office of the Grand Marschal

The corps prayer spoken by the Grand Master and the musical prayer from the “Great Austrian Tattoo“ ended the investiture ceremony.

The „Prinz Eugen March“ then led over to the remembrance for dead comrades. Introductory words were spoken by our protocol officer LtCol. retd. Rudolf Murth.

This ceremony was held in remembrance of our comrade Reinhard Wassertheurer, who passed away at the age of 62. A trumpet played “The good comrade“ and a dame of honour carried a burning candle into the hall of fame as the lights were dimmed and a quiet drum roll commenced. She was followed by a knight of honour carrying a picture of Reinhard which was put on a chair. This chair had remained empty for the whole evening. Than our youngest member, Lukas Valenta, brought Reinhard‘s personal banner and placed it behind the chair.

H.E. Chev. Colonel redt. Reinhard Wassertheurer


There was hardly anyone present who did not have to fight with tears when “The good comrade“ was played. After a minute in complete silence Reinhard‘s favourite march was played as a personal wish of Theresia Wassertheurer, the “Zottelmarsch.“ Reinhard always was looking forward, never giving too much thought to what laid behind him.

After final words by the Grand Master and a thank you to all who played their part in arranging and organising this ceremony, Beethoven‘s “Ode to Joy“ was the prelude to  the marching out and the obligatory group pictures. Also a special thank you goes to our music corps and the bandmaster Friedrich Lentner for providing a worthy musical frame to this investiture. After the pictures there was a  leisurely come-together with a lot of small-talk, putting an enjoyable end to the whole evening.

Thank you to all who assisted in arranging the agape and also to our caterer, DURAN, who delivered tasty sandwiches in time and for a good price. There was plenty available and no-one left hungry and thirsty. There were even a few leftovers!




2.Investiture 2013 of the Knighthood of Honour

of the LAZARUS UNION in the Military History Museum

at 12.Oktober 2013


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Arrival of the guests

Marching in of the postulants and the chapter

Handing over of the banners

Renewal of the Lazarus Union officer‘s pledge

Investiture ceremony

Investiture of Police Chief Inspector Erich Kraus

Investiture of Brigadier General redt. Dr. Hans-Otto Schmidt

Investiture of Captain of the Sea retd. Hans-Rudolf Gries

Investiture of Chief Attendant Harald Koller

Investiture of Dr. Helene Schmidt-Levar

Investiture of Government Director Marion Unlaub

Investiture of Cmdr CSLI Navy Corps Monika Gries



Remembering the dead

Marching out


Our photographer Chev.Hannes Hochmuth

Our movie maker Johannes Bartosch and his son



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