Thoughts on the investiture for Postulants


Thoughts on the investiture for postulants

Vienna, February 2013

Dear Knights and Postulants,

dear Guests, dear Officers and Comrades!

The Union Corps Saint Lazarus International, short CSLI or Lazarus Union, sees itself somewhat as a “traditional heir“ of the former knight‘s armies, especially bound to the ideals and the body of thought of Saint Lazarus of Bethany. The four CSLI cornerstones all CSLI members try to follow during their life are:

tolerance, humbleness, mercy and charity.

The CSLI is neither a “society of knights“ nor  a “military order“ but an international union trying to help people or simply provide them a little pleasure, according to possibilities and local ways. At the moment the CSLI has more than 15,000 members in over 60 organisations in different countries on all five continents and still continues to grow.

The chivalric virtues our community feels bound to have lost nothing of their importance in our modern times. To hold a chivalric attitude does neither depend on descent nor religion nor skin colour nor class nor money. This attitude grows and prospers only through the humans themselves who not only carry such an attitude in their heart but are also willing to advocate it and fight for it.

To be a knight respectively behave in a chivalric manner never was easy and will not be so in the future, burdening us until we cannot take any more. To accept this in humbleness and dignity is, at least as I see it, a privilege not granted to everybody. So we should accept this task with delight and engagement, trying all we can to prove ourselves worthy of this task. Personal pettishness shall and must be subordinate to the great common goals.

The postulants receiving the dignities of a knight of honour in an investiture have always tried to live and act in accordance with these virtues. Their stand towards our core values was exemplary and the postulants by such have truly earned the dignity and distinction to belong to the Lazarus Union‘s Knighthood of Honour. This statement is not and was never intended to be a snap-shot and I want a quote from the late Pope John XXIII to accompany you on your way:

“My sisters and brothers, you should never begin to stop and never stop to begin!”

Like in past times when the actions of one single warrior could decide whole battles also today it depends on EVERY single one, how he is able to fulfil HIS tasks as a “modern knight.“ Be courageous!

As Grand Master of our Knighthood of Honour I have the great honour and pleasure to decorate and honour your merits in public by this investiture and to award the postulants in this ceremony the dignity of a Knight of Honour of the Lazarus Union.

Surely it is not by chance that the Lazarus Union Knights of Honour in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, and of course in Austria feel obliged to the chivalric virtues. It rather shows an increasing desire to personally counter by their own actions and efforts a most questionable world-wide development, more and more characterised by egoism.

I hope that this shining example also inspires other people to not only care for themselves and their own well-being but also to altruistically bring pleasure to other fellow men and to be ready to forgive, always and everywhere.


Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt

Grand Master of the Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour


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