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Investiture Sopron



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Investiture Sopron



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Investiture Sopron



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Investiture Sopron



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Investitur Sopron



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Investiture in Sopron/Hungary on March 24th, 2012


A report by CSLI LtGen Christoph Ptak. Translated by Col CSLI Dipl.Ing. Herbert Pauls

In spring-like weather the joint investiture of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and the Knighthood of Honour of the Union Corps Saint Lazarus International – Lazarus Union – CSLI was held on 24. March in Sopron.



The idea for a joint ceremony was born during one of the many events last year where both organisations had joined. Sir Dr. Otto Janos Hoffmann suggestedSopronas a place for the ceremony.Sopron(with its German name being “Ödenburg“) proved to be the ideal place for such an event. Otto, a native citizen ofSopron, was able to deploy all his skills and his contacts to locals like clergy, police, and hotel managers aided much in providing a successful event and smooth proceedings.

After the ceremony was prepared with some meetings and rehearsals we met Saturday inSopron, more or less nervous hoping that everything would work out well. Before the Holy Service in the beautiful baroque church of the Dominicans commenced there was enough time to welcome all delegations from the various visiting orders, Austria Humanitas Corp., Brotherhood of the Holy Archangel Michael, the Radetzky Order, the St. Michael Order, the Order of the Wine Knights, the Order Hungariae, and the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta.  (in alphabetical order).

Our new music corps gave a little open-air concert and later contributed significantly to the harmonic success of the ceremony in the church. Thank you very much, we are looking forward with pleasure to the next musical delights!

A group of girl scouts and boy scouts fromSopronpresented the flags and standards of the participating organisations and so contributed to the colourful event.  To them also a hearty “Thank You“ and “Jó Munkát!“

The investiture itself was conducted in the course of the Holy Mass, celebrated by HH Father Mate Barna O.P. According to the Latin Rites. Father Mate managed by his prayers and sermons in French, English, Hungarian, and German to keep the rather lengthy ceremony vivid and interesting. To him and his team a warm „God Bless You!“ 

In this place we also want to express our thanks to the soloists, the chorus, and the orchestra of the church of the Dominicans for conducting Franz Schubert‘s wonderful mass in G major.  Our Magistra Luisine Poppel gave a perfect demonstration of her proficiency, her little daughter and the whole audience were delighted by her performance

We welcomed postulants not only fromHungaryandAustriabut also brothers and sisters fromDenmark,Scotland, and even from places as far away asCanada. This is a wonderful proof of the international coherence commitment of our organisation.

Here are a few pictures of the investiture of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus ofJerusalem, conducted by the Grand Chancellor of the Supreme Grand Priory, Chevallier Massimo J Ellul, Grand Priory of Malta, assisted by Erich Kadlec, Grand Chancellor ofAustria, and Belá Danielisz, Grand Prior of Hungary:

Traditionally the solemn ceremony and incorporation into the Knighthood of Honour of the Union Corps Saint Lazarus International – Lazarus Union – CSLI commenced with the renewal of the officer‘s pledge, recited by CSLA president Wolfgang Leithner.

Then the Grand Master of the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, performed the actual investiture. Here are some pictures:

Posing for the inevitable group pictures finally closed the official part of the joint investiture of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus ofJerusalemand the Knighthood of Honour of the Lazarus Union.

A final dinner provided ample room for talks on smaller and larger scales. I am pretty sure that such occasions often bring up more and better results than large official events…

But no event without proper documentation:

The specialist behind his camera was as always our press photographer Hannes Hochmuth who took more than 1000 pictures! Some of them already accompany this report, more will be published on this website soon.

Also a video is currently in the making by Hannes Bartosch, who already provided the video documentation of our air days.

Thank you to all, especially to those I did not mention in this report but without whose support and work this wonderful celebration of comradeship would not have been possible!

Christoph Ptak


More pictures can be found on the gallery pages!

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