Smal Brass Formation

CSLI BläserquartettBand leader KURT PREISSL

The Investiture of The Lazarus Union Knighthood of Honour at Rosenburg Castle on 25.6.2011
What would an Investiture be without our dependable Brass Quartet? Under the direction of Kurt Preissl, they again provided the musical contribution to our celebration in bravura fashion. It was truly a special attraction but, for reasons of space, the musicians had to make do with a place in the side gallery, so they were “heard but not seen”. As “compensation” they played for us again during the cocktail reception in the castle courtyard where all could see, hear and enjoy them. Thank you, dear Kurti, for taking the long road from Vienna in order to enrich our celebration.

CSLI BläserquartettCSLI BläserquartettCSLI Bläserquartett

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