Big Band of the Lazarus Union (CSLI Big Band)

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Lazarus Bigband Sound demo

CSLI-Bigband-Glenn Miller Demo   

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 The Lazarus Union Big Band    


Lazarus Union Big Band


The Lazarus Union Big Band is drawn from our Director of Music Friedrich Lentner’s existing Vienna Skyline Big Band. With this band we are able to pay our tribute to the great musicians of the big band era.

The music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman and Glenn Miller, and the voices of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday, to name only a few, and the many world-renowned instrumental soloists can enchant us today the same as they did the people in that era. 

The Skyline band was founded by Friedrich Lentner in 2002. Many of the players that joined him were professional musicians who had previously played for several years with various other bands, mainly in Vienna and the surrounding area.

The performance opportunities now for the Lazarus Union Big Band are very diverse – from birthday serenades and concerts to Grand Balls and corporate events. The composition of the band is also variable. It is possible to book the band with anything from as few as nine musicians up to the full Big Band of twenty members.

Although we have two other top singers with the band, a special attraction is our lead singer ‘Frankie’ W. Warner who has dedicated himself heart and soul to the interpretation of Frank Sinatra’s music. We have therefore included a two-hour ‘Frank Sinatra’ show in our program in which we can present our audience with the greatest hits of this unforgettable singer and entertainer using the original arrangements. The band has celebrated numerous successes with this show at events all over Austria and Germany.

The Lazarus Union Big Band is now available for bookings directly from our Director of Music, Friedrich Lentner. Fifty percent of the profit from these appearances will go to our charitable projects. And, of course, for these Lazarus Union-booked performances the Big Band will wear the Lazarus Union white dress uniform.


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