Pultbannerübergabe an die Gardemusik


A report by Erich Kadlec

Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth – Press photographer

Translated by Mjr CSLI Mike Boxall

Video by Hannes Bartosch – JOBA Flim





 As part of a formal ceremony at the Maria Theresa barracks, the LAZARUS UNION with the CSLI Music Corps presented the Guards Band with 24 new hand-embroidered stand banners. Certificates of Friendship between the CSLI Music Corps and the Guards Band were also signed by the Guards’ Director of Music, Colonel dhmtD Bernhard Heher M.A., and the CSLI Director of Music, Brigadier General CSLI Friedrich Lentner. It is the visible sign and certifies the friendship, appreciation and camaraderie between the LAZARUS UNION and the Guard.



The ceremony was hosted by our Vice President, Colonel Oberst retr.  Reinhard Wassertheurer and of course our corps banner, accompanied by an honour guard of officers, was there.

Also attending were our partner associations The Radetzky Order and The Austria Humanitas Corp. The Vienna Brass Band Association was represented by its National Director of Music Herbert Klinger. Also present were The Orders of Saint Lazarus ofJerusalemand The Order of Saint Michael.

The ceremony began with military punctuality:

At 1450 the Guards Band marched on followed at 1455 by the CSLI Music Corps. By 1500 the Deputy Commander of the Guard, Major Thomas Güttersberger had reported to the Military Commander of Vienna, Brigadier Kurt Wagner M.A., that the ceremony was ready to begin.

The ‘Prinz Eugen Marsch’ (played by the CSLI Music Corps) and ‘92er Regimentsmarsch’ ((played by the Guards Band) framed the address by our President, Senator hc Wolfgang Steinhardt.

This ceremony clearly demonstrated the connection between the Austrian Armed Forces and the LAZARUS UNION. Since its establishment the CSLI has maintained the LAZARUS UNION’s friendly relations with the Army, particularly the Guard. We gladly take part in various ceremonies and events – convinced of our mutual respect, friendship and camaraderie. Likewise, we can always count on the support of our comrades of the Guards as Flight Assistants at our Disabled Flight Days.

President Steinhardt explained the background to the presentation: a remark to Colonel Heher “… your stand banners are showing their age …” Answer: “… I know, but with the current budget situation, we’ll never get new banners …” This was the moment that triggered events. The Lazarus UNION has “… to please others …” written in its mission statement, so why not the Guard?

We certainly seemed to have succeeded in pleasing the Guard. Colonel Heher thanked the Directors of Music and, because of the high temperatures, briefly expressed his pleasure at accepting this gift and offered the Guards’ support and assistance in the training of our musicians.

The Military Commander of Vienna, Brigadier Kurt Wagner, was also appreciative of the gift. He outlined the work of the Guards Band – its successful appearances at home and abroad, and its work as the music school of the Austrian Army. The new stand banners are for him a visual symbol of “combat efficiency”.

The Military Commander also had a big surprise in store.

On behalf of the President he presented Colonel Heher, as Chief of Army Music, with the Gold Cross of Honour of the Republic of Austria.

The CSLI added its hearty congratulations.

The ‘Coral Grandioso’ played by the Guards Band introduced the blessing and handing over of the stand banners. Father Dr. Alexander Lapin D.D., the Orthodox Military Chaplain, and Deacon GR, Deacon Colonel William Hold, blessed the donation with a brief prayer. Father Lapin was very generous with the distribution of holy water – providing a blessed cooling for some in the heat.

The music ‘Schwert Österreich’ accompanied the signing of the Certificates of Friendship. The signatories were, as already mentioned, the Guards’ Director of Music, Colonel dhmtD Bernhard Heher M.A., and the CSLI Director of Music, Brigadier General CSLI Friedrich Lentner.

The Guards Band and the CSLI Music Corps then played together, first ‘Ehre und Pflicht’, the traditional march of the Guards under the baton of their Director of Music, then our Corps march ‘Pappenheimer Marsch’ conducted by Director of  Music Lentner.

It was a great day for the LAZARUS UNION and the CSLI Music Corps. Within a few months it had been possible to build a good standard of performance and become a member of the Vienna Brass Band Association.

The warm welcome from the Guards Band and the Military Command of Vienna are positive incentives for our work. We look forward to a fruitful cooperation and friendship.

Due to the great heat further orders were waived, and this colourful and dignified ceremony finished with the associations parading past the assembled guests.

At the invitation of the CSLI, musicians and guests then attended a small reception in the Officers’ Mess. Many drinks and friendly discussions in a relaxed atmosphere rounded off the day.

Erich Kadlec e.h.


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